HEDY HD700 High Performance AC Drives


Performance Features

  • 0.4kW - 450kW
  • CE/UL Certification      AC Drives
  • Advanced motor control algorithm
  • High performance open loop vector control
  • Optimal V/F mode
  • Excellent ramp slope control
  • Fast auto-tune (less than 1 minute)
  • Overload 150% rated output current, 1 minute
  • Low frequency torque:
  • 0.5Hz: 100% rated torque
  • 1Hz: 150% rated torque
  • PID Control
  • Torque Control
  • 16 Preset Speeds
  • Catch Spinning Function
  • Auto Sleep Mode Function
  • Simple PLC Function, Programmable Threshold and Variable (Add, Multiply, etc)

       AC Inverter Malaysia

The Main Hardware Features

  • Dual CPU processing, more precise
  • Standard configuration 5-digit LED keypad, standard RJ45 Keypad connector
  • 5.5 kW and above with standard DC choke
  • In-built brake unit
  • Internal EMC filter with breakpoint design, convenient for access and disconnection, meet different application requirements
  • PCBA coating process, increase environment adaptability
  • Unique control terminals: simple electronic switch set to complete the conversion between source and sink of I/O terminals
  • Reference (current) lost protection
  • IGBT thermal design
  • Wireless fan block design, easy to replace or maintain
  • Connecting auxiliary fan makes the drive suitable for harsh environment

 Main Supply

220V: 200V-240V +/-10%, 1/3 Phases, 50/60Hz
400V: 380V-480V +/-10%, 3 Phases, 50/60Hz


Certification and Standard



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