HEDY Solar AC Drives for Pumps

HEDY HD300 AC Drive for Solar Pump

Solar Pump Malaysia

Hedy Solar Pump Malaysia HD300 Solar AC Drive is a perfect combination of the traditional solar inverter and AC Drive (frequency inverter). By combining the best of both world, it is the most cost effective solution to run a pump directly from Solar Modules/Panel. Discarding the expensive storage or battery from the system, coupled with the embedded advanced MPPT control technology and the ability to adjust the speed of the pump automatically depending on the irradiance (sun energy) , this is the perfect economical solution on a situation where there is no electricity available.

The versatility of the HD300 Solar AC enable it to receive the main electricity supply if the solar power become unavailable.

Typical application

  • Agriculture Irrigation
  • Municipal water
  • Landscape fountain
  • Aquaculture Pond

A true Green System with the HEDY HD300 complying to the RoHS directive (lead-free) and without the need of batteries!

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Application references (Malaysia) : Solar Pump for Pond Water Circulation