MarelliMotori AC Motors

AC Motor Malaysia

Marelli AC Motor Malaysia

The motors illustrated are asynchronous three phase, low-voltage and suitable for industrial applications.

0.12kW - 2 MW


Technical Characteristics

  • International standards IEC 60034
  • Rated outputs and frame sizes in accordance with EN 50347 standards, when applicable.
  • Continuous duty (S1) with sufficient thermal margins, to withstand short overloads.
  • Motors designed according to the rules given by IEC 60034 group and the EC’s harmonized ones.
  • Protection degree IP 55
  • Insulation class F.
  • Temperature rise compatible with class B.
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C.
  • Installation ≤1000m a.s.l.
  • Normal noise level less than 80db(A) for 4 or more poles.

Construction Materials - MAA Series

  • Frame – Aluminium
  • Endshields – Aluminium.
  • Fan cowl – Steel.
  • Fan – Plastic.
  • Terminal box – Aluminium.