AC Inverter Malaysia

Schneider Electric, with its leading Altivar line of Variable Speed Drive, had launched a series of Easy Line which is 'just enough' for the simple application. In times of rising cost, the Easy Line will be perfect for those who in need of a quality products without overpaying for unneccessary functions and fancy features.
A no-nonsense Drives designed to focus on what AC Drives supposed to do, varying the motor speed!

Typically applied in conveyor, mixer, pumps and fans, machinery. Suitable for any industry either in Palm Oil, Water, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Rubber, Wood, Metal, Textile, Ceramics, etc. 

Schneider Inverter Malaysia

A successor to ATV303, Altivar ATV310 has been designed to have 'just enough' function catering to 0.75kW-11kW three phase 415V motor. 

- Conforms to international standards IEC/EN 61800-5-1 and IEC/EN 61800-3

- CE, RoHS and WEE Compliant

- 1x Analogue Input, 1x Analogue Output, 1x NO and NC relay output, 4x  logic inputs and 1x logic output


Schneider AC Inverter Pump Malaysia

Altivar ATV610, a 'just enough' AC drive/Inverter covering motor power rating from 0.75kW up to 160kW for three phase voltage 415V.

Altivar Easy 610 drives are robust products designed to adapt to various levels of thermal stress and to harsh environments. 

- Dual Operating Modes, Normal Duty (110% for 60s) and Heavy Duty (150% for 60s)

- Environment Compliant: RoHS 2, REACH, PEP

- Harsh Environment with PCB Coated: Chemical Class 3C3 and Mechanical Class 3S3 (IEC/EN60721)

- 3x Analogue Inputs, 2x Analogue Outputs, 3x Relay outputs, 6x  logic inputs


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