Sprint Electric Digital - Three Phase

DC Drive Malaysia 

PL/X Digital 1Q/4Q DC Drives

DC DrivesKey Features

  • Full Suite of Centre Winding Macros
  • Motorised Pot Simulator with Memory
  • 2 x PIDs (undedicated)
  • 8 x Analogue Inputs & 4 x Analogue Outputs 
  • 17 x Digital Inputs & 7 x Digital Outputs
  • 5 x Feedback Transducer Options as Standard
  • Failsafe Automatic “Revert to AVF” on Tach Feedback Failure
  • Built-in “Oscilloscope” Output for Full Parameter Monitoring
  • On Board Fully Controlled Field with Five Operating Modes
  • Large 40 Character Backlit Alphanumeric LCD Display
  • Ultra Compact Size Offering Significant Space Savings
  • Armature Current: 12A – 2250A (5kW – 980kW)
  • Armature Voltage:
    • V armature: Vac x 1.2
  • Field Current:
    • 8A (12-123A ratings)
    • 16A (155-330A ratings)
    • 32A (430-1050A ratings)
    • 64A (1250-2250A ratings)
  • Field Voltage:
    • V field: 0 to 0.9 x Auxiliary AC Supply


Main Supply:

12-480Vac +/- 10%, 3 Phases, 50/60Hz (600/690Vac options for 650A-2250A)



Application References in Malaysia: RubberPaperWoodMetal

For Analogue DC Drives, please refer to Sprint Electric Single Phase Analogue Drives

For AC Drives, please refer to Schneider Electric Altivar or Hedy AC Drive