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Sync Motion (M) Sdn Bhd offers extensive and best possible technical support by providing fast and accurate solution to customers. Our goal is to minimize your production downtime by providing prompt and professional technical support.


Technical Support Contacts:
Mobile : +6012 372 3218
Or email* to
*Please specify the drive model, serial number and fault/alarm code.


We would also provide access to vital resources related to our product to help our customer easily and safely operate our products. Click on our products range below to download the Brochures, User Guide and Configuration Software.


  1. Sync Motion - 2016 General Product Overview 
  2. AC Drives - Schneider Electric ATV12 
  3. AC Drives - Schneider Electric ATV310 (NEW)
  4. AC Drives - Schneider Electric ATV610 
  5. AC Drives - HEDY HD71 Mini AC Drives 
  6. AC Drives - HEDY HD700 High Performance General Purpose Drive 
  7. AC Drives - HEDY HD300 for Solar Pump Application
  8. Braking Resistor - FullOhm 60W-2KW 
  9. Braking Resistor - FullOhm 2kW-85kW 
  10. DC Drives - Sprint Electric Digital Drive PL/X 
  11. DC Drives - Sprint Electric Analogue Drive 
  12. AC Motors - Marelli AC Induction Motor 
  13. AC Motors - Marelli Flameproof/ExProof Motor
  14. Brake Motors - MGM Brake Motors
  15. DC Motors and Tachogenerator - Magnetic 
  16. Gear Reducers and Gearmotor - Tung Lee Helical Gear Reducers and Gearmotors 
  17. Gear Reducers and Gearmotor - Ztron NMRV Worm Gear Reducers and Gearmotors

User Guide/Manuals/Configuration Software

AC Drives

Hedy Inverter logo

  1. HD71 User Guide
  2. HD700 User Guide
  3. HD700 Advanced User Guide
  4. HD700 Technical Data Manual
  5. HDSoft Configuration Tool
  6. HDSoft Configuration Tool PC Driver

  1. AC Drives - Schneider Electric ATV12 
  2. AC Drives - Schneider Electric ATV310 (NEW)
  3. AC Drives - Schneider Electric ATV610 


DC Drives

DC Drive Malaysia

  1. PL/X Digital DC Drives
  2. Analogue DC Drives
  3. PILOT Configuration Tool