Tung Lee Helical Gearmotors

Tung Lee Helical Gearmotor

Tung Lee, an established gear manufacturer from Taiwan, providing the cost effective helical gear for wide range of industries in particularly Food and Beverage, Glove, Electronics, etc. Ensuring a prompt service and faster delivery to cater to the customer's needs, the assemblies of the gear had been done locally here in Malaysia. 

Tung Lee Gear Malaysia | Tunglee Gear Malaysia

Tunglee Gearmotor Malaysia


  • More complex, controllable, instantaneous Normal / Reversible time : Allowable “stop” for 6 times per minute .(3 second or more have to be kept for each “Stop”),C&B type of motor is applicable on 100 times of “Stop” per minute if necessary.
  • Full range of reduction ratio



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