MGM Italy Brake Motors

MGM brake motors are asynchronous three-phase totally enclosed fan cooled motors. The motor brakes in case of power supply failure. The braking action is always obtained through a very quick and precise stop and it guarantees a safe and prompt intervention in case of an unintentional power supply failure.

The braking action is obtained without shaft axial sliding and it provides equal braking torque in both directions of rotation. MGM brake motors are particularly suitable for hoisting and traverse machines, tooling machinery, automatic and transfer machinery in textile, ceramic and packing fields and in all those situation where precision and quickness in braking are required.

MGM brake motors are designed and assembled as real brake motors. The perfect engineering and assembling combined with a strong and safe brake, make these motors very reliable.

As standard, on the IM B3 mounting (foot mounted), feet are integrated in the frame (they are not attached to the frame) making the motor very sturdy. This feature is very important on those brake motor applications where the stress during start/stop is very high.

The brake disc lining material is asbestos free with high friction coefficient and very long lasting.

The motors are provided with IP 54 enclosure rating and insulation class F.

On request they can be provided with IP 55 or IP 56 enclosure ratings and with class H insulation .

All MGM motors are designed for inverter duty. On request it is possible to supply the motor with the encoder fitted on the second shaft end or to have the second shaft end ready to fit an encoder. For further information please refer to the encoder series section.

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